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  1. The Allpax Versatort

    The Versatort is the latest in a long line of Allpax innovations in the area of pilot-scale retorts. It combines the following features:

    • the large capacity of a 1550mm diameter process vessel
    • the versatility of being able to use both rotational and reciprocating agitation modes
    • the flexibility of choosing from a wide variety of processing modes

    If you want a machine that combines the best of the past with the future of retort functionality, the Versatort is perfect for you.

    The Versatort is capable of running various process types including:

    • Water Immersion
    • Water Spray
    • Saturated Steam

    The Versatort is capable of the following types of agitation:

    • End-Over-End Rotation
    • Rocking
    • Gentle Motion (low-speed reciprocating agitation)