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  1. R&D Retorts

    Allpax provides manufacturers of food, food ingredients and food packaging the most diverse and capable line of research and development and pilot scale retorts (autoclaves) in the industry. Our R&D retorts are capable of replicating all batch and continuous production retort processes and agitation types used in the industry.

    Allpax R&D/pilot retort capabilities include saturated steam, steam-air, water spray, water cascade and water immersion (full and Partial). Agitation capabilities include rotary end-over-end, continuous rotary sterilizer (axial) and hydrostatic retort simulation as well as horizontal reciprocation - both Gentle Motion and Shaka.

    Perfect for pouches, trays, and other horizontally-oriented containers.

    For extra large volume lab processing or small-scale production processing.

    As flexible as the 2402 with a larger capacity

    The most flexible small-scale retort in the industry.

    Allpax brings the two worlds of agitation - rotation and shaking - together in one compact unit.