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  1. Metal Product Trays

    Heavy duty product trays are designed to handle the weight load of the product as well as that of the other trays. Trays are designed to provide adequate temperature distribution in the retort.

    The metal product trays are effective for keeping products safe and secure. These devices are available in custom designs and are constructed to tight tolerances. When products require specific requirements in the retort, the metal product trays are designed to protect products by carrying the weight load.

    Features on this system include laser and CNC cut parts, interlocking layers, robotic welding, and compatibility with automated equipment through precision design.

    Metal Trays Features
    • Custom Designs
    • Laser and CNC cut parts
    • Constructed to tight tolerances
    • Interlocking layers
    • Robotic welding
    • Compatibility with automated equipment through precision design