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  1. System Validation Software

    Allpax provides several add-on packages for its standard control system. True to the customer-centered Allpax approach, these add-ons are customizable and they focus on important post-installation challenges such as record-keeping, equipment maintenance, and system validation. With Allpax, great service doesn’t stop after the start-up of our customers’ equipment. Controls add-ons are just another example of our commitment to being a full-service retort room equipment vendor.

    The Challenger software module is an add on to the control system that will run a series of tests of the retort.

    AllCheck is a service that puts the technical expertise of Allpax personnel to work for you to create a detailed system validation document for your retort processing system.

    Tracks baskets through each critical checkpoint in non-automated retort rooms.

    Tracks where each baskets go, and will not allow unprocessed product to be unloaded.